Friday, June 28, 2013

Cloud Video 101. Why use video links instead of downloading?

If you see this and say; “Well, duh!” Then you do not need Cloud Video 101 information, do you? The bulk of business operators wonder why we techies do what we do. They need to know the basics so that when we explain that we just saved them $500/month, they LIKE us instead of tolerate us. Don’t cha’ think?

A thirty second video of high resolution can be several MBs. But, a link is only a few KBs; a difference of from 90% to 1,000% and more. Your viewers watch a streaming cloud version of your crisp, clean video via that link, instead of having to first get the giant video file emailed to them which takes up gigantic bandwidth and time (if it makes it at all), then they have to dedicate all of that video space taking up their hard drive, when they really don’t need to.

Video links can go virtually anywhere that text can.

  • Email
  • Text Messages
  • Live Chats

How does it work?

The video is rendered and immediately uploaded to a network of servers that are positioned globally. When you want to share the video, you send your viewers a link to that video; basically you are simply pointing to the video, instead of handing them the whole thing. They watch the video from the closest server located geographically nearest them.

In this way, someone in Australia enjoys the same speed of service as the guy in Seattle. Singapore to London, Miami to Anchorage.

It just makes more sense to use a giant, affordable network instead of trying to make your single computer act like a network server.

  1. Stop mailing discs
  2. Stop emailing video files
  3. Start using Video Links

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