Friday, January 11, 2013

Print Labs Exposed

Jim Harmer recently finished a great research project that alone, would be worth the price of one of his classes. But darned if he didn't go ahead and release it for free anyway; to everyone.

Printing labs are a big deal if you are shooting portraits and selling them to consumers.

Check out this article comparing leading print labs.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Preparing for Killer Outdoor Photography Shots

Patience, Gear Knowledge & Experience are all important elements in a photographer's tool box

See more of Marcel's work here.

Getting dynamic photographs of nature or humans doing awesome things comes in basically two types of preparedness; 1) patience and planning, with a heaping extra portion of more patience on top of patience slathered with extra patience sprinkled with… etc., or 2), really, really lucky.

The really, really lucky method is, by definition, not something that can, or even need be planned for. So, I won’t offer any tips for that, here.

The How-To that goes into capturing those shots that illicit comments from your fans like, “How do you get those shots?”, and “I didn't even know owls could do that”, are a composite of several elements, and the recipe reads like a Navy Seal’s mission preparedness outline.

All though there are no guarantees,