Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Why Pay to Upload Web Videos When YouTube is Free?

by Stu Marks, Web Video Producer at Specialized Media Services, Vancouver Washington area.

We who use the Web to do business, spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on our web videos in order to present our important message to our potential clients and keep our customers informed and coming back. Just like we wouldn’t put up with a competitor or other distraction stealing our precious face time when visiting a customer’s business in person, why put up with letting outsiders dilute the message on the Web?

If a “Free” Provider is losing you customers and diluting your marketing assets, then every time you use a free provider, free may actually cost you a lot. Free could be costing you sales.

Here’s 10 reasons why it’s not a bad thing to pay for a web video provider:

  1. “Free” providers can dilute your message with distracting trails that lead to competitors and other distractors in the form of “like themed” video lists.
  2. “Free” providers usually force advertising on your viewers, further diluting your message.
  3. “Free” providers don’t offer you advertising pre rolls and post rolls to further narrow the message.
  4. “Free” providers often don’t allow you to create automatic page forwarding, like to order or shopping pages.
  5. “Free” providers almost never offer analytical information on your videos, providing you with depth of information regarding what your viewers like or want, or when they quit watching your videos and advertisements.
  6. “Free” providers are often branded. They are putting THEIR brand on YOUR product. Is this really a good marketing strategy for you?
  7. “Free” providers don’t offer you powerful organizational tools like Channels that group like videos together.
  8. “Free” providers do not allow you to create your own limitless playlist from which viewers can choose other videos.
  9. “Free” providers never offer you unlimited live streaming.
  10. “Free” providers never offer you customized player and landing pages that put YOUR logo and identity around your video.

I suggest trying a free week using EZWebPlayer.


  1. This all seems to make good sense. I intend to keep reading your blogs.